jimmeynovak asked:

Hi just popped in to say that I absolutely ADORE NMTD and I literally can't wait for new uploads!! I was recently Benedick in our all-girls London school production set in 1918 and I love all the tiny little references (like fife and drums [!!!]) in the videos and the way some of the text has been translated but kept still accurate and the way you handle the themes (I'm a massive Shakespeare nerd/fangirl) and the quality of acting it's all just divine you all deserve to be congratulated just wow

Thank-you so much! We really aimed to be true to the spirit of the play in our adaptation. For a while we worried it would be losing too much by changing Shakespeare’s text, and while we could never match the Bard with wit or words, hopefully we’ve found a nice balance. We also love to nerd out about tiny references, glad you appreciate them! That’s great that you got to play Benedick; he is such a smart and silly character, and would be a lot of fun to play. Often the guys roles are bigger but girls don’t get a chance to play them, so that’s great :)